The Cog™

Dungeon World® - 1 Season - Currently in Rotation

The continent of Ocela is a place of wonder, beauty, adventure, and danger. It's also still stuggling to come to grips with the emergence of a strange force known as magick. Six hundred years ago, a small portion of the population from all three kingdoms - Erandria, Dun Kuldir, and Innesdale - began to develop unbelievable and unexplainable powers. Civilization hit a road bump as these Chosen began to increase in number with no rhyme or reason as to why.

Eventually, however, magic became an accepted thing... more or less... however, it did raise one very important question - what do you do with a magick user that decides to use his or her powers against mankind? The answer? Enter the Cogshold - a prison conceived by the most skilled and learned of magick users to incarcerate those who would use their magick, the Fallen as they became known, to do evil.

And, so, all has gone well since then. Well... until now, it would seem. Communication with the Cogshold has become erratic and King Nymendahl of Erandria has grown worried, especially since his brother, Aranis - the warden of the Cogshold, and his son Kennan - heir to the throne, have gone quiet and/or missing as well. A brave group of citizens have been called together to investigate and keep things low key, lest the citizen of Wyndfall learn of the strange goings-on and panic.

Together, this group will work to uncover the mysteries of the Cogshold and, maybe, even magick itself.