Freelance Heroism

Dungeons & Dragons® 5th Edition - 1 Season - Currently in Rotation

Four adventurers have been brought together by fate... and a goat... and tasked with taking on the villainous Count Strahd von Zarovich and save the village of Barovia. They've agreed to do it - for a modest fee, of course. Welcome to Freelance Heroism - a bi-weekly 5th-Edition Dungeons & Dragons actual-play podcast on the Minionworks Podcasting Network! Our current campaign is Curse of Strahd, a Gothic horror-inspired setting in the dangerous and fog-shrouded land of Ravenloft. While the setting is serious, our heroes are anything but. Will they survive the horrors of Castle Ravenloft and defeat Strahd?

Freelance Heroism is Minionworks first "affiliate" podcast. You can find out more about the FH team and their adventures by visiting their official website at