The Misadventures of Max's Minions™

4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons® - 3 Seasons - 132 Episodes

The misadventure that began it all.

When five hapless, wannabe heroes inadvertently cross paths with an eccentric, old wizard named Maximillian and save his prized journal, it starts a journey of epic proportions... and quickly goes downhill from there. Kildrek Bellringer is a cleric with a crisis - his faith in Moradin has faltered so much, he now believes his powers come from within. Stasi Xen is a fighter who can't overcome her matronly instincts and her fascination with luck and javelins. Bullock Borneoake is a brilliant, treasure-hunting psion with a list of phobias and neuroses as long as his robes. Sgt. Llewelyn "Sting" Buttercup is a pixie rogue with a serious case of PTSD and a serious-er lack of morals. Dog, a ranger raised by bears, is as simple as a... well... ranger raised by bears. Together, they'll uncover one of the biggest secrets that the mortal realm, or any realm for that matter, has ever seen... or die trying.

Over the course of three seasons, the Minions wreaked havoc across the universe and picked up new friends and a host of new enemies along the way. From the enigmatic deva, Tsura, to the ambiguously sexy goblin sorceress, Salle LaBeija, to the oddly militant revenant Lieutenant Danatorin Shalbarin, the Minions have entertained their fair share of strange companions and even stranger adventures. Cooking breakfast for a dragon? Resurrecting a bucket full of bard? Starting a cold war? Hitching a ride with Baba Yaga? Nearly destroying the center of the multiverse? That's old hat for this group.

While the misadventures, in their current form, have ended for the Minions, their story is just beginning. They'll be back soon enough so, until then, enjoy the mayhem.