The Rejects of Revelry Burrow

Dungeons & Dragons® 5E - 1 Season - Currently in Rotation

Minionworks Podcasting Network is proud to present its SECOND affiliate podcast - The Rejects of Revelry Burrow! The King of Revelry Burrow has passed with no heir to assume his place, creating turmoil as multiple factions begin to vie for their own piece of the kingdom in the power vacuum. Who can restore order to the Burrow?

It's up to our heroes Thronk Ironfury, a bounty hunter with a taste for the finer things in life, Damien Hawk, a mystic with a quick temper to match his wits, Vignar, a lizardman with a relation to death that's a bit too personal, and Sapphire, a slightly-alcoholic-massively-unlucky witch hunter.

Together, they just might be able to bring about a new age of peace to Revelry Burrow... or just speed up its downfall.