The Minionrillion™

5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons® - Coming in 2017

The Minions are coming back and, this time, the adventure is bigger than ever.

Following their adventures across the multiverse, the Minions have finally returned home to Fallcrest. However, before Bullock could snag at hot bath at Madame Pagoda's, they were reminded of a tiny, little debt that needed to be repaid. Our "heroes" are about to find out that there's no rest for the weary.

The Minionrillion™ will be Minionworks biggest project yet - significant voiceover and production work will surround an all-new campaign written by Jeremy Bulloch and introduce a vast number of new characters spread across time and space.

The podcast will debut later in 2017 and will become a longer-form, monthly release along side other Minionworks podcasts.