Troublesome Times in Tumbleson County™

Monster of the Week® - 2 Seasons - Currently in Rotation

Welcome to Tumbleson County, 1933. God's country. The land of milk and honey. The home of southern hospitality. And, soon, the epicenter of the coming armageddon.

Set in Not-Mississippi, as Prohibition is coming to an end and ominous forces are circling the poor county like vultures readying for a meal, Tumbleson County is a place full of monsters, demons, and pure evil... and that's just the citizens. While the county's most powerful families fight amongst each other to secure their place at the table in the coming end times, a brave (and questionably intelligent) group of men and women and... animal... have banded together to try save their fellow Tumblesonians or, at the very least, themselves.

Join Zenobia Albreicht - book store owner, occult specialist, and shotgun-wielder extraordinaire, Samantha Wesson - part-time schoolmarm, part-time psychic pyromaniac, Federal Revenue Agent Simon Grey - taking care of Tumbleson's alcohol problem one drink and grenade at a time, Wee Humphrey - a man... no... dog... no... well, he's something alright, Bobby Jack McGee - the town simpleton with a penchant for losing body parts, and Sheriff Horace Ferguson - the large belly of the law who handles his pistol as good as his pie, as they try to keep the forces of evil at bay and their urge to kill each other in check.

Troublesome Times is a southern-gothic horror campaign and Minionworks™ second podcast that kicked off in November 2016 with new episodes debuting every Monday!